When can I drive on my new concrete?

It is recommended that in Alberta concrete driveways and patios not be parked on for 28 days. This is the time needed for a full concrete cure. You can safely drive over the new concrete after 14 days (say to park in your garage).

Why do I need to seal my concrete?

Concrete is a porous substrate that allows the transmission of vapour and water through it. As vapour gets trapped in these pores, especially in Alberta, it freezes and thaws, causing expansion and contraction, which can deteriorate the integrity of the concrete causing spalling (flaking), cracks and damage. Properly sealing concrete can help mitigate these issues.

How often do I need to seal my concrete?

This will depend on the type of sealer that you select. Some sealers require annual application while others are maintenance free for up to 10 years. Speak to a professional for more information on your options. We can help you decide which sealant is for you.

Should I "water" or moisten my concrete?

It is not necessary at all. Concrete now a days is much more structurally sound. Therefore the older practice of sprinkling your newly poured concrete is no longer needed. It will keep it cool on hot summer days, but again it’s not needed.

How is sealer applied?

Sealer is a liquid that is applied by rolling or spraying much like paint is. However, the trick to sealing your concrete is proper preparation. Concrete must be cured (28 days in Alberta) clean, dry, free of debris and other chemicals and must be sound (no damage, cracking, spalling, etc.). The temperature of the concrete (not the ambient air temperature) is also a key factor in proper sealer application. Occasionally concrete repairs are required before sealer can be applied and in some cases, special equipment may be required.

What is the difference between tool cut joints and saw cut expansion joints?

There is no difference except for esthetics or personal preference. A Tool Cut joint is installed simultaneously with the pour, while the concrete is still uncured. The Saw Cut expansion joint is installed after the concrete is semi cured (usually 1-3 days after the pour). According to the Alberta building code, these joints must be 25% of the depth of pad.

Can I apply Sealer myself?

Yes. The application of sealer is not difficult, however the proper preparation of your concrete can be cumbersome. It is recommended that at least the first application of sealer be installed by a professional and subsequent, maintenance coats be handled by the owner.

What happens if there is rain in the forecast when you are pouring new concrete?

We take precautions to ensure that your new concrete is protected. We can use a poly membrane for this application. We can also protect newly poured or finished concrete so that it still looks and performs great even in Alberta’s climate.