Sealer Consultation Supply & Application

Your concrete is poured, it is an investment, so you should protect it.  It is time for sealant. We offer several services for Sealant. 

Contact one of our experts to find out which one is best for you.

Acrylic Sealer (Good)

  • Topical Sealant requiring re-application every 1-2 years
  • Available in Matte or High Gloss Finish
  • Also Available in Water Based for Interior applications
  • Roll or Spray application
  • 2 Light Coats recommend

Densifying Sealer (Better)

  • Penetrating Sealant (1/8”) requiring re-application every 5-10 years
  • Protects surface against water, chemicals and abrasion
  • Improves durability and surface protection
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Roll or Spray application
  • 2 Light Coats recommend

Penetrating Sealer (Best)

  • Penetrating Sealant (1/4”) requiring re-application every 5-15 years
  • Creates a barrier against water, chemicals and abrasion
  • Protects from average freeze/thaw cycles
  • Available for both Interior and Exterior applications
  • Provides the best defense against our harsh weather
  • Roll or Spray application
  • 2 Light Coats recommend


New Concrete Removal & Replacement

For Home Owners; Do you have an old damaged driveway?  Do you need to build a garage for your new home? We specialize in comprehensive concrete packages.  From brand new pours to full repair & re-pours, we have the team to do it.  Our team will walk you through the whole process. 
From quote to cure, we know you will be happy with your new concrete project.

  • Full new pours of driveways, sidewalks & patios
  • Rear Detached Garage pads or floors
  • New Basement Floors
  • Repairs and re-do
  • Complete removal & repour of your damaged concrete including any of the above new pours

Contact us today for a full list of our concrete services.

For Home Builders; We offer full flatwork finishing prep/place/finish quotes. 
We are partnered with several reputable volume builders in the Edmonton Area, who can provide references.  Contact us today for a quote.


Concrete Restoration & Maintenance

In addition to our New Concrete & Sealant services, we are experts in repairs and restoration.
Alberta’s severe weather takes a toll on our homes and exteriors, and concrete is not immune.  Whether you need to completely rip out and replace your concrete or you need a repair, we can help you determine the best course of action. 

Contact us today for more information, we can help you!

  • Concrete Demolition and Removal
  • Re-pours
  • Concrete Crack Injection
  • Mud-Jacking

Additional Services:

  • Concrete Demolition & Removal
  • Post Hole Auger Services
  • Concrete Pile Auger Services
  • Snow Removal – Commercial, Home Builders & Parking
  • Equipment Hauling
  • Large Scale Waste Debris Removal – Call for details
  • Skid Steer Services
  • Backfill & Slab Grading
  • Slab Prepping
  • Sweeping / Spring Cleaning